The Amazing Power of the Rule of Three

Andrew Wood
2 min readDec 13, 2021

One day I called one of my karate schools in San Diego to see how we were doing for the week. My instructor, a pleasant and bright guy named Victor, answered the phone. It was about 11 am before classes would usually start, but an hour or so after he started work.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” he said.

“In that case can you do me a favor?” I said.


“Do you have a San Diego phone book there?”

“I think so,” he said as he fumbled around in the bottom drawer.

“YES!” he replied triumphantly.

“Good, see if you can find a guy called Smith,” I said.

“What’s his first name?” he asked innocently.

“You know, I’m not sure but the Smith I’m looking for is the one who has been thinking about taking karate lessons. Start with the first one and call until you find him. Oh, and Victor — the next time I call, don’t tell me you are doing nothing!”

If you can think of nothing better to do in the name of marketing remember the rule of three.

Every day you need to make:

  • Three contacts with existing customers
  • Three contacts with previous customers
  • Three contacts with new prospects
  • Every day!

It could be a call, an email, a postcard, a magazine clipping, a sales letter, perhaps even a personal note, but it must be interesting to that person.

If you do this and only this you will out-market and outsell 99% of your competitors.

“Above all, try something!” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

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