Fifteen Things I’ve Learned from Writing and Publishing 50 Books

Andrew Wood
7 min readDec 23, 2021

Well, 49 books are published, but I have one more coming out in the next 30 days which will get me to 50.

  1. Self-Publishing is the Way to Go

Self-publishing is far more lucrative than the advance money I got for the two books I did with traditional publishers. Neither publisher did any more promotion than I did myself, so I might as well keep all the money.

The same goes for you; getting a publisher for most people it is about the same as hiring a printer. If you are not a big name, they will put no money behind your book.

2. Sadly, Not All of Your Self-Published Books Will Make Money

Books are like songs; not all are hits, and not all make money. I was extremely lucky in that the first book I ever wrote and self-published back in 1991 made exactly $300,000. My best-selling book ever made almost $500,000, but I’ve also had a book that sold; wait for it … just one copy.

There was nothing wrong with the book. It was a decent book on a topic too many people had already written on, and it simply didn’t sell. The good news was I was able to repackage it into something else, and it sold well as a different title.

3. Non-Fiction Books Open the Floodgates of Opportunity

I write books to make money, but I also like to write books because I love to write. The best part about writing a book is the consulting and professional services you can sell based on your writing a book. Nothing says expert like a book. The foundation of my success in the martial arts business was based on the five books I wrote on how to run a karate school. The basis of my success in the golf business, where I worked with over 3000 clubs and resorts in 22 countries, was based on the success of my book The Golf Marketing Bible. The speaking which I’ve done all over the world was usually based on the fact that whoever was running the event had read one of my books. Book create opportunity!

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