Are You Worried About The Future of Your Business or Career?

Andrew Wood
4 min readJun 1

Today, amid high inflation, the European war, AI, and an uncertain economy, many people in business are rightly worried about the future. A great many people are afraid, for their jobs, or income, and concerned for their families. However, in uncertain times the key to success is your ability to develop a series of well-developed options that will allow you to succeed, even if the first one or two don’t pan out as expected!

If you are worried about what the future may hold for you, take the following actions at once and keep your business or career ahead of the curve!

1) Make yourself more valuable to your current employer or customers immediately. Show up early, stay later, make suggestions, and get involved in helping out in a big way; most businesses are short-staffed right now!

2) Invest 3% of Your Income in Yourself and Keep Investing in Yourself. A shocking 87% of Americans have not read a non-fiction book since they left high school! Buy a book applicable to your job, like The Golf Marketing Bible or The 48 Laws of Business, read it, and make suggestions to your boss or customers. Show them you want to help!

I’m lucky I enjoy reading, but even if I didn’t, that’s no excuse because so much information is available on audio. In my top year, I read over 200 non-fiction books; in an off year, I’ll read 30 to 50. So turn off the TV and spend much of your leisure time with books and audio, investing in the greatest asset you will ever own. Your own mind! We all have huge untapped potential, now is a great time to tap it!

Remember, there is a reason poor people have big TVs, and rich people have big libraries!

3) Learn to Sell, Really Sell; people who can sell never have to worry about additional options. They are always in demand!

4) Learn a second language; proficiency in a second language doubles your options, and a third triples them!

5) Build Your Personal Network. The more people you know and stay in contact with regularly, the more likely you are to be offered opportunities. Most people stop networking in their late twenties. Now may be a great time to start again. Look at as a start! I’m there!

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