A Hollywood Secret to Rapidly Boosting Your Sales!

Andrew Wood
2 min readAug 19, 2021

There is an old story about a Hollywood screenwriter who, after years of trying, finally gets to see the biggest studio boss in Hollywood. When he enters the elaborate office, the boss looks up from his desk, asks for the script, and then dismisses the writer almost at once, telling him to come back at the same time in two weeks.

Two weeks later the writer knocks on the door at the appointed time and walks into Mr. Big’s office. As soon as Mr. Big sees the writer walking towards him, he starts hurling a string of abuse: “This is the worst script I have ever seen in twenty years. The audience will hate it; they will walk out after five minutes…”

The crestfallen writer turns and walks towards the door with- out a word. “Now,” says Mr. Big, “if you were to kill the hero on page 92 instead of page three, it will be the best movie I have ever made!”

The writer turns, utterly confused…

Mr. Big looks at him, “You can’t kill the hero in the first scene. No one cares about him that early in the movie; but, by the end of the movie, they LOVE him!”

Very often prospects will interrupt your sales presentation with a question. The natural tendency, the polite thing to do, is to respond to that question as soon as it’s asked, but this impulse is very often the wrong one and must be resisted. You have to build value into your product or service before you answer certain questions like price!

If it’s a question that helps your sale, by all means answer it. But if not, if it’s a question better answered further into your presentation, you can say something like:

That’s a good question — I’ll get back to that in just a minute.


I am sure you will have a lot of questions, which I’ll be glad to answer at the end of the presentation.

Another option is to counter with a question of your own, one that leads back to your presentation.

Always Resist the temptation to answer certain questions before you have built value!

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