18 Ways to Shockproof Your Career in 2023!

Andrew Wood
5 min readNov 27, 2022

Most people lead quite fragile lives. Even if they don’t live paycheck to paycheck, like 80% of the world, few people heed the timeless advice of always having six months of income on hand for an emergency. Nor do most people have a second or even third income source to fall back on if they are suddenly furloughed, fired or the company like say, Enron or Blockbuster suddenly ceases to exist.

The Coronavirus brought problems to hundreds of millions of people. Now we have a war in Ukraine dragging on, an energy crisis, run away inflation, rapidly rising interest rates and a looming recession.

There will be a recession in 2023, be prepared for significant downsizing from major employers, and a huge softening of demand in those who supply them.

But with every crisis comes opportunity, and necessity is the mother of invention so lets look at 18 ways to shockproof your career.

  1. Start by getting up two hours earlier. It’s not as hard as you think, just go to bed earlier. It’s no different than a NY — LA flight, you soon get used to the difference.
  2. Spend no more than 15 minutes catching up on the news from multiple sources to stay informed. Self-discipline and focus are your greatest allies in times of trouble.
  3. Spend the next 45 minutes on marketing Y-O-U. Use LinkedIn and other social networks connect with people in a meaningful way. Do not just like a post, leave an interesting comment or better still, ask an intelligent question or make a suggestion. Once you interact with people in a simple way it elevates your status in their mind.
  4. Reach out to new people in other companies. Ask them questions; How is your dealership handling the rise in interest rates? The more people you can get a back and forward with, the more you are elevating your status in their mind. Very basic personal branding.
  5. Make at the very least three new connections every day and follow the same formula. “Thanks for connecting Andrew, I was wondering are you are doing different this year given the current economic outlook ?”
  6. The more people you can connect with, the more opportunities you can generate. You must set a goal for daily conversations. Pick your targets wisely, either you feel…



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